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EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

About Us
The Haunting Surf Sounds of The Sinisters are a 4-piece reverb-drenched, "wet and fuzzy" instrumental surf band. Formed in early 2012 in Phoenix, AZ, influences include everything from the classic '60s sound of the Avengers VI and The Lively Ones to '90s bands such as The Bomboras, The Ghastly Ones and The Witchdoctors. ...The Sinisters find inspiration in classic horror and sci-fi films from the 60s and 70s, and incorporate a theremin and vintage Halloween sound effect records into their music to lend their sound a unique and spooky flavor.

The Sinisters are:

Matt O'Ghoul - Lead
Dave Grave - Bass
Billy Exorsmith - Organ
Johnny Nightmare - Drums and Theremin

Contact and Booking
For your convenience and ours, we ask that your initial contact with the band be via e-mail. We will be happy to speak to you in person over the phone or at your venue after you've emailed your contact information to

Our Card

Social Media
The Sinisters maintain a Facebook page and a blog.

Facebook address:

Blog address:

Sample Music Tracks
All music samples are recorded from live performances or "demo" recordings made during rehearsal. No studio recordings have been produced yet.

Scorpion Bowl (1:50)

Introduction To Terror [DEMO](1:48)

Zombie Waltz (3:05)

X-Hell-Three [DEMO] (1:55)

Graveyard Prowler [DEMO] (2:48)

Sinister Ritual (2:28)

Death Ray 2063 [DEMO] (2:17)

Aliens Over My Hammy (aka Saucers Over Sunnyslope) [DEMO] (3:10)

Spectre Inspector [DEMO] (2:19)

EveryBloody Up! [LIVE] (1:47)

Sin-a-Luau [LIVE] (2:51)

Planet of The Sinisters [DEMO] (2:35)

A Fistfull of Terror [LIVE](2:36)

Band Photos

Posed by hearse - Color

Posed by hearse - Black and White

Posed by Grave with Oil Painting Effect - Color

Posed by Grave - Black and White

Promotional Graphics

Black on white

White on black

Red on white

Red on black

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